A Three-legged stool

Our funding model depends on grants, sponsorships and listener-support. 

In-depth, narrative journalism is our mission and our passion. We spend months on research, investigating all the angles and inviting in as many voices as we can. Then we carefully weave what we've learned into stories that we deliver to listeners – for free. 

This model gives us total journalistic freedom. It also means we really need the people who share our passions to pitch in. Visit our donate page for one-time or monthly pledges.

Become a partner or Sponsor

Threshold is looking to build relationships with like minded brands. Our goal is to remain independent content while allowing you to reach our audience in creative ways. 

Threshold can offer you custom content to fit your financial, marketing and philanthropic needs while supporting award-winning audio journalism. We aim to amplify your brand and connect Threshold listeners to you as your potential customers. We add meaning to this exchange by ensuring less is more in our sponsor messages. The effect is that your brand stands out when you sponsor Threshold.

If you would like to partner with us or become a sponsor, contact:

Cheryl Skibicki                                                                                                                  cheryl@thresholdpodcast.org