Season Two:

100 Days in the Arctic


What does climate change feel like?

Arctic people are the canary in our planetary coal mine.

As the Arctic melts, disturbing news reports from the region seem to come in a steady drip. Sea ice. Polar bears. Permafrost. Militarization. Oil exploration.

As the stories pile up, they begin to blur together. We start to numb out. We know that things are changing in the Arctic, but we don’t really know why we should care.

That’s where Threshold comes in.

Threshold is a podcast and public radio show that specializes in making complex environmental topics personal, immediate and real. Each season, we explore one story of pivotal change from the natural world. Season one was focused on the American bison. Next, we’re taking listeners to the Arctic.

Most reporting from the Arctic starts with an ice sheet, or a polar bear. We’re going to start with people. We’ll take listeners into the homes, hunting grounds, and crumbling coastlines of Arctic people, where thawing permafrost and loss of sea ice aren’t abstract concepts, but important parts of daily life. Our 10-part series will air on public radio stations around the country and as a podcast around the world.