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Threshold, a public radio show and podcast, explores the complex relationships between humans and what we call "the natural world." Threshold was listed as one of the Best New Podcasts of 2017 by Outside Online and as one of 100 Outstanding Pieces of Audio in 2017 by the Bello Collective.

Season one told the story of the American bison. For season two, we're reporting from all eight Arctic countries. Why?

The Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet, and that has consequences for all of us. Most of us, however, know relatively little about this region, and we certainly don’t hear enough from the people who live there.

With support from the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting and a partnership with PRI’s The World, we are bringing these voices from the Arctic to your listener base. Below you can hear a preview of one of the stories we're following, which was broadcast by The World in November, 2017.

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Add Season Two to your programming

Threshold will begin releasing 10 half-hour episodes mid-September on PRX for XXX points per episode. If you need to fill a full hour, we recommend playing two episodes back-to-back or adding an episode of HumaNature from Wyoming Public Radio.

Contact if you would like e-mail reminders when new episodes are available for purchase. We can provide supplemental materials, as well, including social media tool kits, photos and text for web posts.

Here's what some of our listeners said about the first season of Threshold. All episodes are available here.

"The show exceeded my expectations in every way. To me, it epitomized what journalism should be: thoughtfully presented, exhaustively researched, and consciously balanced."

"This is the best in depth environmental reporting I’ve heard. I thought I knew quite a bit about bison, but I’ve been surprised about the complexity of this story."

"I’ll fight anyone who doesn’t love this podcast."


"We loved it so much we aired it twice."

Michael Marsolek, Program Director of Montana Public Radio

Public Radio Stations that Aired Season One:

  • Montana Public Radio
  • New Hampshire Public Radio
  • Prairie Public Radio
  • Wyoming Public Radio
  • Yellowstone Public Radio

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