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Where We've Been


And Where We're Going


  • Umeå, Sweden - International Congress of Arctic Social Science
  • Abisko, Sweden - research station, permafrost researchers
  • Sapmi (northern Sweden and Norway) - reindeer herders
  • Harstad and Tromsø, Norway - Sami fishing communities


  • Sisimiut, Greenland and nearby villages - Inuit life in Greenland
  • Greenland ice sheet - University of Montana glaciology team


  • Chersky, Russia - with researchers from Woods Hole Research Center
  • St. Lawrence Island, AK
  • Shishmaref, AK
  • Barrow, AK
  • Tuktuyaaqtuuq, NT

This is our outline, but it's flexible. We're responding to opportunities as they emerge -- following where the stories lead us. We can't tell you exactly what those stories will be, because that is, in fact, the point: to let the people who live here tell us what we should focus on, and prioritize the narratives that matter to them, rather than imposing a pre-determined framework onto them.


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