OUTSIDE ONLINE  — Best New Podcasts of 2017

Best Single-Topic Podcast: Threshold

In its first season, the podcast Threshold uses the topic of bison to dive deep into conservation, politics, and the history and future of the U.S. I binged hard on this one — the storytelling and engrossing topic will make you think about bison and our country in a new and complex way.

~ Abigail Wise, online managing editor, Outside Online


BELLO COLLECTIVE —  100 Outstanding Pieces of Audio for 2017 

“The Red Man Was Pressed” (Season One, Episode Two)

There’s as much activity to the sound of Threshold as a walk in the meadow, which is to say a lot. It demonstrates the potential for audio to be the most sensory medium  —  to evoke not just sights and sounds, but also smells and a sense of quiet abundance. And then there’s the narrative: the past and future of America’s bison, and how newcomers decimated herds in an attempt to defeat the Native populations.

~ Galen Beebe, Editor, Bello Collective



Non-Commercial Radio Program of the Year, 2017


Philly Inquirer — Podcasts to listen to now

I binged this podcast hosted by radio producer and intrepid journalist Amy Martin last summer while tooling around the Wisconsin and Montana Big Sky country where the buffalo roam, or used to. “When you start out talking about bison, you end up talking about America,” Martin says.

Threshold is an immersive exploration of the nation’s history with the hulking, even-toed ungulates, which numbered 50 million in the U.S. when European settlers arrived and which had been slaughtered to such a degree that only 23 were left in 1901. It digs deep into issues about conservation and politics and the relationship of the U.S. government to native populations both animal and human, while never losing a sense of wonder about the majestic beasts.

~ Dan DeLuca, Music Critic, Philly Inquirer