Location: wherever you are   |   Start date: December 1

Threshold is seeking a social media guru with excellent writing skills, a distinct voice, and a passion for audio journalism. This unpaid internship requires 5-8 hours a week, including a weekly online meeting with our fun and creative team. Your duties will be to fill our social media channels with interesting content, and to engage with with our growing community of listeners and supporters. At Threshold, we think more minds = more better, which means you'll be invited to think through all of the issues involved in making documentary journalism with us. We're going to ask you to contribute a lot, and in exchange, you'll learn a lot. This is an opportunity to play an important role in the growth of an exciting new non-profit start-up!


You Have

  • social media skills
  • ideas for how to use those skills to make the world more sane, more kind, and more deeply connected
  • a podcast app on your phone, which you use frequently
  • a desire to foster meaningful conversations about environmental issues
  • an understanding of the difference between journalism and activism (or a willingness to acquire that understanding)
  • a strong work ethic
  • a sassy and irreverent sense of humor

We Have

  • a high-quality, unique product for you to promote
  • fans in all 50 states and multiple countries
  • a growing social media base for you to work from
  • a fabulous set of stories from the Arctic on deck for season two of our show
  • a fantastic team of positive, quirky, dedicated people who are eager to meet you, support you, and help you learn and grow

How To Apply

To apply, send a résumé and cover letter to with the subject line: social media guru.

In the cover letter, don't be afraid to let your personality shine through. Show us who you are, how you think, what you care about -- give us a glimpse of what makes you, you.

In addition, please tell us about an audio story that moved you recently, and how it affected you.