Sponsorship Director

Location: wherever you are   |   Start date:  asap

Threshold is seeking a sponsorship director with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for audio journalism. We are located in Montana and Colorado, you can be anywhere. This is an opportunity to help shape an exciting new non-profit journalism start-up with your skills and ideas.

To begin with, the sponsorship director will be a part-time contract position. Your first mission will be to secure sponsors for season two of our podcast and radio show. Later, your role may expand into other areas of fundraising and organizational development.

We have a fabulous set of stories from the Arctic on deck, and a high-energy, dedicated team eager to collaborate with you. If you're looking to hitch your star to a project primed for growth, please apply today.

The sponsorship director will :

  • build on the foundation we have already created. Threshold's first season won "Best Non-Commercial Radio Program of the Year" in Montana. We have listeners in all 50 states and multiple countries, and a solid base of contacts and leads for you to work from. In short, we have a quality product for you to promote, and a proven track record of success for you to build on. We need you to take this momentum we've built and make the most out of it.
  • grow our base of support by making new contacts, generating your own ideas for sponsorship growth, and collaborating with the Threshold team. Your skills and experience will be important, but your positive attitude and chutzpah may be even more crucial. You'll be cultivating relationships with companies and organizations that support our mission, and innovating with us to make a sponsorship plan that matches what Threshold is and what we're aiming to become.
  • help structure sponsorship agreements tailored to our sponsors' various needs and in keeping with Threshold's mission and goals.
  • create and maintain a system for staying organized, including tracking your progress and assessing needs for support.
  • help prepare the materials you need to do your job well.

Your application will be strengthened by your:

  • portfolio of fundraising and/or sales success stories
  • interest in using your expertise to foster quality journalism and environmental understanding
  • excellent writing skills
  • geeky knowledge of the worlds of podcasting, public radio, or both
  • understanding of the difference between journalism and activism
  • unique blend of humility and confidence, plus a dash of humor and a hearty helping of earnestness

How To Apply

To apply, send a résumé and cover letter to nick@thresholdpodcast.org with the subject line: sponsorship director.

In the cover letter, tell us about your past experience in fundraising and/or sales, and explain what excites you about this job. Don't be afraid to let your personality shine through. Show us who you are, how you think, what you care about -- give us a glimpse of what makes you, you. If it becomes a two-page letter, that's fine. We're a long-form show, we respect depth (as long as it's interesting).

In addition, please tell us about an audio story that moved you recently, and how it affected you.