Independent Journalism Depends On You

Threshold is proud to be non-profit and mission-driven. We work hard to produce the best possible show we can, and then we give it away for free. We trust that if you find value in our work, you will choose to contribute. We believe if we produce compelling content, you will vote with your dollars to support this endeavor.

So, paradoxically, our independence depends on you. We need you to conceive yourself not only as a consumer of what we create, but as an important member of a community helping to make it happen. In short, this relationship is a circle, not a line. Just like in nature.

Our goals for Threshold are ambitious. We're doing things many large newsrooms have a hard time pulling off -- sending reporters out for long stints in the field, making connections between current controversies and complex histories, giving stories the time and context they need to be told accurately and well. It's high-risk, high-reward journalism. And it simply cannot happen without a community of supporters behind it.

If you believe in what we're doing, please consider supporting Threshold.


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