Season One:

Oh Give Me a Home

Each season on Threshold, we tell one story from the natural world, and what it says about us. This season, the story of the American bison.

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Episode 1: For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People

Yellowstone National Park is where we saved the American bison from extinction. But each year, we slaughter hundreds of animals from this prized herd. Why?

Episode 2: "The Red Man Was Pressed"

How did we go from more than 50 million wild bison to just 23 free-roaming animals? And how does the decimation of the herds relate to the oppression of Native Americans?

Episode 3: Born Free

Many cattle ranchers view wild bison as a threat to their livelihoods. But some think cattle and bison can coexist. In this episode, you'll meet two cattle ranchers with different perspectives on wild bison.

We'll also take you on a controversial bison hunt happening at the boundary of Yellowstone National Park.