Episode 10

nickel for your Thoughts

Half of the Arctic is in Russia, and half of Russia is in the Arctic. Oil, minerals, pollution — it's a web of complicated environmental stories that need to be told. But in Russia, investigative journalists have become an endangered species. Spend some time around a nickel smelter and meet a veteran journalist fighting to do his job.


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Murmansk industry seriously affects people’s health

The Barents Observer article reports on dangerously high levels of heavy metals that are present in tissue samples taken from Murmansk residents.

New spate of repressive laws in Russia

Read Reporters Without Borders’ (RSF) condemnation of the latest attack on press freedom in Russia here.

Number of Journalist Killed In Russia

This graph shows the number of journalists killed in Russia since 1992.

Map of Northern Sea Route

The map shows the Murmansk Shipping Company’s sea route across northern Russia.