Episode 11

Life is too Hard Without Music

All across the Arctic, indigenous languages are on the decline. But in many communities, people are finding new ways to reclaim both language and culture. Join some Inuit rockers in northern Canada in the recording studio, singing in their own language and making their first new studio album in more than 30 years. 


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Northern Haze: Living the Dream

Watch the documentary Northern Haze: Living the Dream, which tells the story of the first known Inuit Rock Band to sing in their native tongue.

Northern Haze Releases New Album

In November 2018, the Inuktitut folk and metal infused rock band Northern Haze released 'Siqinnaarut,' its first album in three decades. Read the article from Billboard here.

The Jerry Cans

The Jerry Cans combine traditional Inuit throat singing with folk music and rock music. They were nominated for two Juno Awards in 2018. Learn more here, and watch their music video Ukiuq.

Playlist Featuring Nunavut Music

Jam out to some music from the north with Threshold producer Nick Mott’s Spotify playlist.

Angry Inuk

Seal meat is a staple food for Inuit, and many of the pelts are sold to offset the high cost of hunting. This documentary features Aaju Peter and other Inuit hunters who are pushing for a sustainable way to take part in the global economy.