Listening for the Deeper Rhythms

This is a pivotal moment in human history. Environmental change is the master narrative of our time, the foundational story within which all other stories are taking place. In the future, people will look back at our era and wonder how we could have talked about anything other than the way humans are changing -- and being changed by -- the planet.

But our lives are busy. We’re distracted. With millions of voices shouting (and tweeting) in our ears, it’s very difficult to hear the deeper rhythm at work. As the tides literally begin to rise around us, the enormity of the changes can be hard to discern.

We don’t lack data. Loads of facts and figures on environmental change can be found with the click of a mouse. What we lack is context and perspective. If we don’t absorb the meaning of what we’re taking in -- if we don’t have opportunities to create meaning together -- the data is almost worthless. The news hits us like an avalanche; it overwhelms. Or worse, we grow numb to it. Each new study becomes just another depressing set of statistics that we don’t fully understand, leaving us feeling less optimistic and empowered than the one before.

Deploying an Ancient Technology

Luckily, we have an excellent tool at our disposal which we can use solve this problem. It’s the world’s best meaning-making device, capable of conveying information, eliciting empathy and inspiring new ideas among every person on the planet. This tool is called story. It is as old as humanity itself, and remains the number one way we process information, expand our worldviews and deepen our connection to others.

At Threshold, we're deploying this ancient technology to help us make sense of this moment we're in. We take our listeners on journeys, where they can learn without feeling preached to, empathize with people they didn’t expect to like, and imagine things they didn’t think were possible. We transform flat, dry data into stories that live and breathe, and open up space for a deeper, more nuanced conversation to occur.

Subverting the Dominant Paradigm

In our eyes, there is no "human world" and "natural world." There's just the world, our only home, which we're all dependent on, responsible for, and beholden to. Our stories reveal how history, culture, politics and environment are woven together, often in complicated and surprising ways.

Our Guiding Principles

1. Story first. We explore big ideas through personal, immediate, well-crafted stories.

2. No villains, no heroes. We celebrate nuance and illuminate all the confusing shades of grey.

3. Tell the truth. We are committed to rigorous reporting, vigilant fact-checking, and admitting when we got something wrong.

4. All natural. We start from the assumption that humans are part of  the natural world, not separate from it, and that our relationships with the non-human lives around us are as meaningful and illuminating as our connections to each other.

5. Free range. We take our listeners with us out into the world, introduce them to interesting people and places, and invite them to form their own opinions and arrive at their own conclusions.